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The luxury of waking up on the sea, walking and relaxing your mind


“We travel not to change places, but ideas” H. Adolphe Taine


VIAGGI TREKKING IN BARCA A VELA (non serve esperienza barca) 


SailhikingWILD-MIND Trekking retreats with sailing boat – ecotourism together with a professional environmental hiking guide with a Master's degree in marine biologist

  • Relax your mind, but not your body: empty your head of thoughts
  • Travel experience far from chaos and appearance
  • Smiles of participants with the same passions as you
  • il lusso é avere la barca a vela come casa per spostarti, viaggiare, tuffarti, prendere il sole, ecc
  • Crescita personale: imparerai a viaggiare senza orologio, improvvisare, lasciare andare
  • Scegli il Lusso di Viaggiare e Fare Trekking completamente immerso nella Natura 
  • NON siamo un classico viaggio in barca a vela
Velatrekking with us is an ecotourism journey.
We choose particular itineraries to make you discover islands in a different way.
Dimenticatevi il fastidio di fare la cambusa: ci pensiamo noi rispettando la filosofia di sostenibilitá.


Professionisti del Settore: Claudia, Travel Designer, Guida Ambientale Escursionista di professione e Biologa Marina, hostess e cuoca di bordo barca a vela.

Roberto Velista esperto, apneista, brevetto di salvataggio


Ritiro Trekking in Barca é un viaggio di ecoturismo senza finzioni.

Consapevolezza e responsabilità, alimentazione sostenibile sfiziosa e vegetale

Biologia Marina 

Saponi Solidi, acqua in vetro, no usa e getta ecc


Riconnettiti con la tua natura, crea nuove abitudini, allarga gli orizzonti, vivi ampliamente, cresci attraverso una esperienza fuori dalla tua comfort zone


La Cambusa e Preparazione di tutti i pasti a bordo sono svolti da parte nostra.

Utilizziamo prodotti realmente genuini, km0, biologici e vegetali; ti faremo scoprire una cucina sfiziosa




Velatrekking Corsica Selvaggia

Vela drawing

27/07 - 03/08 2024
Free seats:

Velatrek Itaca Cefalonia Atokos ecc

Vela drawing

10/08 - 17/08 2024
Free seats:

Velatrek Itaca Cefalonia Kastos ecc

Vela drawing

17/08 - 24/08 2024
Free seats:

well drawing
Sometimes I am asked: but what is the Velatrekking that you organize? 😍
Close your eyes....
👉Imagine getting up in a bay one morning, silence around you, you take the towel thinking about taking a bath while you are overwhelmed by the smell of freshly prepared coffee
Meanwhile, I prepare breakfast, the table is neatly set, sweets ready to energize the day💚
👉You jump in, take a bath, flat, light water
You go back on board and have breakfast
Meanwhile, the other traveling companions have also woken up, some doing the same as you, some wanting breakfast straight away...
👉 The shoes placed on the boat are our Luxury , which allows us to experience Nature 24 hours a day on this journey and to discover the islands beyond the beautiful sea 😍
We get dressed, all ready for the scheduled time, Roberto meanwhile prepares the tender (inflatable boat) to take us ashore from where we will start the excursion
Sometimes it is a port, often a beach from which to start the itinerary..
👉We go down, the trekking day starts early so as not to suffer from the heat while Roberto arranges the boat, washes the dishes (yes, because disposable items are not contemplated here) using Solid Soaps, puts on a bit of radio to keep him company, fills glass bottles of water etc.. Waiting to pick us up elsewhere at the end of the excursion
👉The beginning is always uphill
Of course, we start from the sea, you can only go up😁
We move away from the sea, keeping an eye on it almost always
Let's enter the nature of the island💚
In the meantime, I'll tell you something about the itinerary, the island, its history, some anecdotes...
We continue to walk, we breathe, we know
👉We talk about waste, plastic, environmental impact. We are here to help anyone take the First Step😎
😍Sometimes during the excursion a special meeting with some person from the island is foreseen, be it a producer, an old miner, a particular farmer, etc.
We discover, we listen and we live
👉We are hungry? We throw ourselves down to eat a packed lunch under a tree, perhaps in the breeze if the day is hot, or in a panoramic point... It depends
The chat, the wine, the coffee in the thermos... Or in a bar if we are not far from civilization😁
The excursion resumes, we start to look back at the sea as we go back up to a new beach where Roberto will come to pick us up..
Who imagines himself taking a bath as soon as he puts his bathing suit back on, who wants to read a book, who wants to pull up the anchor 😁
To each his own...
👉Meanwhile, I start preparing the aperitif, something special and delicious as usual🍷
Waiting for sunset, silence
the waves that cradle, the temperature that varies, a wonderful steel glass in your hand or nothing, as everyone wants
Who takes photos, who observes
👉 Roberto and I cook, the table begins to come alive, between tiredness and happiness
A fresh pasta, or whatever comes to mind to cook according to our mental menu..(yes exactly, mental😁)
👉We think back to the day, curious about what the next day will be
A sailing crossing? Anyone who wants will be happy to help Roberto..
A dolphin sighting accompanied by my "lesson"?
The new excursion the next day?
Some ask for the km, some ask for the difference in altitude..
👉Everything is planned, but as we know well when we are on a boat we must be ready to change plans due to weather and sea, which is why every evening we reveal what awaits us on the following day
👉We know the islands where we take you well, which is why there will be no empty days even if caught by unexpected events..😍
Meanwhile, I myself also learn not to want to control everything, because certain things don't depend on me. It's a life lesson, even a lot of Mindfulness I would say😍
The moon rises, the darkness has arrived
And a new day begins💚
Continue like this.. Continue the journey where you live in nature, live and get to know the islands finally in a different way away from mass tourism😍
This is what Lasca la Randa velatrekking is about💚


Velatrekking Capraia: Tramonti ed Albe


30/05 - 02/06 2024
Posti esauriti

Velatrekking Asinara: silenzio e natu...

Vela drawing

22/06 - 29/06 2024
Posti esauriti

VelaTrekking Egadi: emozioni

Vela drawing

13/07 - 20/07 2024
Free seats:

VelaTrek Selvaggia-Mente It's for you if:

  • you want to relax your mind , not your body
  • you are looking for ecotourism trip
  • you are finally looking for a trip with the luxury of being completely in Nature
  • you are a trained walker who doesn't let the heat discourage you
  • you intend to participate in all the scheduled trekking excursions (it is not possible to stay on land/boat except in exceptional cases)
  • you're looking for a trip, not a vacation
  • accept early morning departures or return in the dark in the evening, according to Claudia's decisions, to spend more time at sea and suffer less heat on excursions
  • you are attentive to Nature
  • you are aware and accept that the program is flexible based on wind, sea, dolphin sightings, material collection at sea, any participants who suffer from seasickness
  • you're really curious about what's new and want to be inspired
  • you are not particularly interested in the destination, but in how you travel, with whom and with what philosophy
  • you are ready to get involved by agreeing to move away from your habits
  • you are enthusiastic and ready for adventure from every point of view
  • you are happy to share the cabin with another person of the same sex, regardless of the size of the cabin assigned to you
  • you are happy to share the bathrooms with other crew members
  • you are ready and aware of saving running water on the boat
  • are you aware that respecting the sea and nature means not being able to fish, not being able to leave waste of any kind, not even biological, either in the sea or on land
  • you like to let go and be transported towards a new way of traveling, leaving your beliefs at home
  • you are happy to leave the watch at home
  • you love the fun of getting on and off barefoot (or with rock shoes) from the dinghy on sand/rocks/pier depending on the excursion
  • you love being in silent nature
  • you love sharing travel with a heterogeneous group of ages, predominantly female like you, without creating distances (ages between approximately 35 and 55 years)
  • you appreciate delicious vegetable cuisine, calm in spending a week without what you are used to eating (except for packed lunches/dinners which are of your free choice)
  • you love staying away from the classic tourist circuits, which is why you don't look for aperitifs in the town frequented by tourists but something more niche, your priority is not to go ashore to have the "classic dinner" in the restaurants
  • you value the rare marine protected areas, even though they can limit your freedom and you are ready for any adventure
  • You have a collaborative and proactive attitude

Are you looking for a Velatrekking Trip Tailored to You?

Contact us, we will be happy to plan a trip together respecting your needs, number of friends and type of trekking
Stay updated for next season
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