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Who we are

Tour Operator specializzato esclusivamente in viaggi trekking di gruppo


People like many others, we are committed to creating trekking experiences like few others : step by step we accompany you on the most exceptional adventures, hoping to continue to guarantee you a simply different trekking trip .

Claudia and Roberto : couple in life and collaborators in the velatrek project, we are in love with eco-sustainable travel, traveling on foot, by bicycle and by canoe.

Strictly with a backpack , a map, a tent (always useful) and a lot of adventure.



  • Professional Environmental Hiking Guide ( licensed pursuant to LR 42 of 03/23/2000 and subsequent amendments and associated with AIGAE) ,
  • International Master in Marine Biology,
  • specialized in Sustainability, Travel Planner, she is also an Engineer
  • founder of Lasca la Randa
  • direttore tecnico di agenzia viaggi /tour operator abilitato dalla Reg. Toscana

When walking, the backpack is our companion, just as in everyday life it teaches us to choose what is indispensable, useful and what is superfluous. If it is heavy we will have to lighten it, as happens in life when we carry heavy and useless burdens on our shoulders.

I love the backpack, the silence, staying away from the chaos, walking for whole days, I have an immoderate passion for animals and for fresh pasta to prepare even while sailing. I laugh easily , I am moved at the final goodbyes with some groups, I am patient (except when you don't read the program well 😀)



equipped with a nautical license, lifeguard certification, freediving certification , sailing trekking guide, he puts his many years of experience, his cold blood, his ability to manage the sailing boat at your service; darker, patient in managing my leaps of joy at seeing the dolphins, but don't let him go wild with the music which, if it's a good evening, starts dancing endlessly 🙂

lascalaranda kayak

By getting to know us better, you will be able to discover that in over 10 years we have thousands of kilometers of steps, tens of thousands of kilometers of pedaling on our legs and miles of paddling on our arms. Several nights in a tent, including many on the beach..

Our personal ways of traveling without you have a high dose of adventure and effort, including kayak trips, itinerant trips with backpack and tent perpetually under the summer sun, uncomfortable nights, and much more.

However, they have an identical component: the presence of Nature 24 hours a day.

lascalaranda velatrekking


Expert hikers and sailors, since 2010 we have been alternating eco-sustainable sailing-trekking in the Tuscan Archipelago, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily and Greece, with responsible excursions in Tuscany and itinerant walks with backpacks in unusual places between Italy, Greece, Portugal, Corsica, Spain.

Le nostre mete sono in prevalenza isole, anche nel periodo invernale. Siamo amanti del trekking e del mare anche solo da guardare. 

Our attitude to travel includes those values that we share with you in the activities of Lasca la Randa: small groups, human contact, experiences out of the ordinary and in seasons outside of mass tourism, wild mind, love and respect for nature, desire to get involved, adequate trekking preparation.

lascalaranda panorama trekking


The name Lasca la Randa is a hymn to Freedom : despite being a maritime term, it renews the intent to let go, slow down, choose one's own individual route regardless of external conditioning.

Specifically, "lasca" means to let go, "mainsail" is the name of the main sail of the boat.

This is how a term used in sailing became our motto as well as the registered trademark of our project.

lascalaranda turtles


At the basis of our excursions there are always awareness and responsibility, respect and love for Nature, attention to traditions, meetings with the inhabitants of small villages, carefully chosen Km0 and organic food, attention to plastic-free and cruelty-free .

In particular, we have created exclusive eco-sustainable and responsible (as far as possible) VelaTrekking to promote values in which we firmly believe:

  • Plastic Free,
  • No disposable,
  • Ceramic and steel plates, crockery and glasses,
  • Solar panels,
  • Solid detergents and soaps with low environmental impact,
  • Waste sorting,
  • Mainly cruelty free and Km0 food chosen according to the offer of the Islands
  • Harnessing the strength of the wind and legs
  • Knowledge of the inhabitants of the sea

These are the values we believe in and that we bring to our excursions both by sea and by land.

We are not impeccable, obviously, but we are committed TOGETHER WITH YOU to help improve man's approach to Nature.

lascalaranda turtles


I nostri viaggi trekking fiore all´occhiello, per i quali siamo riconosciuti, sono:

  • Velatrekking: nostro marchio di fabbrica, oltre 8 viaggi velatrekking a stagione. Un misto fra il lusso di svegliarsi in mare, il rilassamento mentale, e l´allenamento del trekking/camminare quotidiano. Il tutto impreziosito dall´attenzione VERA all´ambiente, dall´amore per il mare, per tutto ció che vive lá dentro. Un viaggio esperienzale che contraddistingue Lasca la Randa dai classici tour operator
  • Pantelleria fuori stagione: raccontarvi e farvi vivere l´isola per come é, incontrare abitanti, pescatori, fornai, persone é il ns obbiettivo. Per non parlare della vita nei circoli, e del carnevale pantesco fatto di balli e danze italiane ballati dai neonati fino ai centenari in una atmosfera incredibilmente vera
  • Marettimo: la montagna in mezzo al mare da vivere durante la Festa di San Giuseppe, per conoscere le loro tradizioni, l´atmosfera, e le loro montagne. È il momento in cui l´isola si risveglia dal torpore invernale, l´atmosfera é autentica e non turistica. I ns rapporti con i paesani, abituati a vederci durante l´inverno, costituiscono la ns forza.
  • Elba Grande Gastro Traversata Elbana e Cammino dei Fari, a modo mio: tutti possono fare la GTE in modo autonomo, Claudia si impegna a farla vivere attraverso le sue conoscenze, gli aneddoti, la scelta del cibo, la scelta dei fuori sentieri per punti panoramici, ed i luoghi dove mangiare/cenare, cosí insoliti
  • Grecia vera: un amore grande che traspira giá dalle descrizioni dei viaggi trekking in Grecia. Il fuori stagione, i panigiri, le isole piú lontane: sono queste le note che caratterizzano i viaggi, che diventano esperienze. Conoscenze. Apertura di orizzonti. Rilassamento mentale. Amore per il vero, non turistico.



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