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FAQ Excursions

Welcome to our Excursions FAQ section.
You will find detailed information on the excursions, the necessary equipment, difficulty levels and much more.

To view the typology of excursions, you are asked to carefully examine each excursion and the difficulty table .

You can consult the difficulty table and compare it with the level of the excursion you are interested in.

The price includes:

  • accompaniment with an Environmental Hiking Guide (qualified pursuant to LR 42 of 03/23/2000 and subsequent amendments);

  • Organization and logistics

  • I remind you that for daily excursions, I am covered by professional RC insurance which covers in case of acts resulting from imprudence or incompetence of the guide

To register you must send an email to info@lascalaranda.com with your name, surname, telephone number and number of people interested in the excursion, you will be contacted regarding availability and payment details.

The reservation is valid only upon sending the payment receipt via bank transfer , the data will be sent after the first telephone/email contact.

Important: This type of payment guarantees mutual respect, avoiding last minute cancellations to the detriment of the organization and any other aspiring participants left out of the limited number, and guaranteeing the excursion without a minimum number of participants, respecting your commitment to us .

It is possible to cancel participation, however the fee will be retained as a voucher if the cancellation is communicated before 72 hours before the excursion, while it will not be refunded in other cases.

36 hours before the excursion, only those registered will receive exact information about the meeting time and place.

Maximum 15 participants, however groups often have a maximum limit of 12 people.

Gorgona has a maximum number of members which varies for each date and can reach up to 25 members.

The summary of each itinerary indicates whether or not children under 15 can participate.

Dogs are allowed (Maximum 2 in the whole group) on almost all excursions, except itineraries where it is possible to encounter guardian dogs or itineraries in protected areas.

The possibility or not is shown in the excursion table.

Clothing may vary depending on the place we are going to and depending on the season and weather conditions but for each excursion more specific advice will be indicated in the invitation you will receive upon registration. Trekking shoes are always mandatory! Trail shoes can also be accepted, it is important that the sole is sculpted. The guide reserves the right not to accept the participant if he does not have suitable shoes, as per the invitation.

Goretex or similar and/or waterproof jacket, backpack cover, any gaiters or waterproof trousers. NO PONCHOS!

You can request an exclusive excursion by contacting us , indicating your preferred area, number of participants and level of training/preparation.

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