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Group happiness and cohesion has always been our priority

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Our approach

If we create trips and excursion activities that inspire and improve , we must also work inspired, cohesive and happy to reflect what we sell. This is why our success is based on human relationships and the transmission of passion : the combination that every reality should have.

Our plus

Creating and strengthening human relationships for us means looking each other in the eyes, touching each other to create trust, sharing emotions by exposing ourselves . This is why our activities are carried out mainly by limiting the use of the mobile phone to a single daily time slot of 1-2 hours, except different specifications requested by you.
Le attivitá che proponiamo sono principalmente di Team Building ed Outdoor Experience:Ogni proposta viene puntulamente creata insieme a Voi sulla base delle vostre specifiche esigenze, composizione del gruppo, stagionalitá ecc.
Each hiking itinerary was created by Claudia, Environmental Hiker Guide authorized pursuant to LR 42 of 03/23/2000 and subsequent. mod., associated with AIGAE , with a Masters in Marine Biology, specialized in eco-sustainability and creator of experiences out of the ordinary.

Because in Nature


A unique place for corporate events, a location with everything you need even without walls.


Agevola la creatività

Acting and thinking outside the box, in a natural and borderless environment, is an important moment to allow team dynamics to evolve in new directions, to develop creativity and facilitate cohesion.


Elimination of roles

In Nature no one is judged by trees or animals, everyone can express themselves without filters and conditioning due to the corporate role held. The team is one, united to carry out activities without there being pre-established roles in the company. Everything can be subverted.


Educational training

A training path built together with you on the needs of your team thanks to the collaboration of experts in the training sector, psychologists, coaches, etc. We provide our skills as an organizer of nature activities, travel/experience designer, professional environmental hiking guide, etc.


Mutual knowledge within the team

Testing yourself in an unusual context that offers out-of-the-ordinary challenges allows you to get to know new sides of yourself and to be known through different eyes by your colleagues, breaking down walls and barriers, reconstructing new points of view.

Why on a sailing boat

All important and participatory

Dynamics similar to business ones are reproduced in life at sea. Those who get on the boat for the first time also play a role. Sailing skills are not required, but everyone will be able to learn the basics of seamanship or be useful in activities related to the galley/kitchen.


Ognuno ha le sue responsabilità

Come in azienda, lo skipper gestisce l´intero team assegnando i vari compiti paritari  in base alle attitudini di ciascuno. 



Emotions are shared during the activities, with particular relevance given in the final phase of the project. Furthermore, sharing time within a limited space necessarily involves interaction, the breaking down of prejudices and filters, and the development of interpersonal trust.


Galley and kitchen

In the small spaces of the boat's kitchen, it is important to know how to manage the kitchen and galley, distributing tasks to the participants, who may also be involved in preparing the lunch itself.



We offer team building activities for companies, we are alongside you during every phase of the organization to optimize every aspect.

We make use of expert collaborators to merge our skills as environmental hiking guides, marine biology, travel/experience designers, with those of psychologists, coaches and trainers.

Our classroom in which to carry out team building has no walls , but only trees, streams, leaves, paths, sea, and silence. Getting involved also means letting go, carrying out activities outside of our box, making a group of people a group.


Nature helps you break down barriers, relax, explore, discover your creativity and make yourself available to others.

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