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Attività personalizzate per Voi

Hai un desiderio? Contattaci per descrivercelo, Claudia e Roberto ti ascoltano per disegnare insieme la tua esperienza!

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Some examples to combine with the excursion/activity:

  • wine/beer tastings from the islands
  • escursione o weekend nell´esclusiva Pianosa, i caraibi della Toscana
  • viaggiare in barca a vela e cucinare insieme ricette tipiche toscane
  • cetacean watching cruise
  • environmental education laboratories
  • experiential trekking trips (weekend or week)
  • corso di cucina 
  • vespa tour con la nostra accompagnatrice divertente
  • combination of nature excursions and mindfulness with specialized sector operators
  • Forest bathing

Each hiking itinerary was created by Claudia, Environmental Hiker Guide authorized pursuant to LR 42 of 03/23/2000 and subsequent. mod., associated with AIGAE with Master in Marine Biology


Please tell us this information:

  • objective
  • Location of the excursion
  • Excursion period
  • Type of activity
  • Number of people who will participate
  • Type of group (age, level of physical preparation, etc.)
  • Occasion (birthday, hen/stag party, gift, holiday)
  • Duration of the activity

Claudia will organize a tailor-made excursion, providing you with various possible solutions to choose from.

What are you waiting for? Receive your Personalized Excursion!

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Wedding Planner

We collaborate with professional Wedding Planners in the sector to organize activities on request, with attention to Nature. Our activities are not banal, we create unique experiences .

  • weekend/week on a sailing boat in Elba and Capraia, etc
  • experiential activities with trekking
  • whale watching with environmental education
  • excursion or weekend in Pianosa
  • cooking workshops on a sailing boat
  • mixed outdoor experiences
  • day on a sailing boat (Elba island)



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