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FAQ Trekking Trips

Welcome to our Trekking Travel FAQ section.
Discover the information you need to best plan your next trekking trip.

To register you must choose the date, send an email or call in order to evaluate remaining availability and obtain information on the program. Once you have decided that you want to proceed with the booking you will receive an email with payment instructions and the form to fill out.

According to our philosophy, the group is deliberately small with a maximum number of participants of 12 people , to allow the group to mix and live the experience together. Each group has a predetermined maximum number, indicated in the program.

Subject to full availability, it is possible to book exclusively. Furthermore, there is the possibility of requesting a trip specifically for you by contacting us via email or telephone, indicating the week you are interested in, the destination and the number of participants.

Given the structure of the program, participation is permitted to people aged 18 and over. It is possible to evaluate the presence of children and minors (accompanied by parents or legal guardians) in the case of Experiences tailor-made for you.

Of course, at the time of booking you will have to fill out the Participant Form which also includes food information.

Lasca la Randa's philosophy does not include fishing of any kind.

The Packed Lunch is purchased by each participant independently and is free with respect to the philosophy of the trip, i.e. everyone can eat what they prefer.

L’itinerario e l’organizzazione sono scelti meticolosamente da parte di Claudia, guida ambientale escursionistica e travel designer.  L’organizzazione è diretta dal T.O. Lasca la Randa, con direttore tecnico Claudia Lippi. Gli itinerari giornalieri potranno subire variazioni su decisione insindacabili da parte della Guida Ambientale Escursionistica per questioni meteorologiche, logistiche e per tutela del gruppo.

A specific request must be made, the answer will depend on various factors.

Yes, however the cancellation conditions and penalties are indicated in the form as well as in the contract.

E´ possibile stipulare polizza assicurativa annullamento, vedi qui le condizioni.

1. The Organizer reserves the right to unilaterally modify the conditions of the contract, other than the price, where the modification is of minor importance. Communication is carried out clearly and precisely through a durable medium, such as e-mail.

2. If before the start of the package the organizer is forced to significantly modify one or more main characteristics of the tourist services or cannot satisfy the specific requests formulated by the traveler and accepted by the organizer or proposes to increase the price by more 8%, the traveler can accept the proposed change or withdraw from the contract, without paying penalties.

3. In case of withdrawal, the organizer may offer the traveler a proposal of equivalent or higher quality.

4. The organizer informs the traveler without unjustified delay clearly and precisely on a durable medium of the proposed changes and their impact on the price.

5. The participant communicates his decision to the organizer or intermediary within two working days from the moment he received the communication of modification.

6. If the contract changes result in a lower cost proposal, the participant is entitled to an appropriate price reduction.

7. In case of withdrawal from the contract and if the participant does not accept the replacement proposal, the organizer issues a voucher for 100% of the amount paid by the traveler. The participant has no right to be compensated for failure to perform the contract.

Yes, upon explicit request and subject to confirmation of availability by the facilities for a supplement indicated in the program among the Extras.

It is possible that there will be return trips after sunset, so it is good to be equipped with them.

The exact location is indicated approximately 3 weeks in advance only to those registered.

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