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The length of a route is calculated using paper maps and GPS instruments. The measurement reported is always indicated in kilometers (km).


The positive difference in altitude represents the total sum of the ascents along the route and is calculated using paper maps and GPS. The measurement reported is always indicated in meters (m).


It indicates the physical preparation necessary to tackle the route in question and is based on an assessment of physical effort and resistance. It also indicates the hiking experience required to tackle a given route.

  • Beginner : you want to walk but you have no experience in hiking. The route does not require particular physical efforts but above all it does not include technically demanding sections.
  • Connoisseur : you have acquired confidence in your step, you are a regular hiker, you are familiar with challenging routes and you have good physical preparation and resistance to fatigue


Indicates the characteristics and type of the route.

  • Easy : itinerary on dirt roads, mule tracks and/or wide paths with a smooth surface and without obstacles or technical difficulties. Length up to 15 km and/or maximum positive difference in altitude of 500 m.
  • Medium : itinerary on obvious paths or tracks, or easy off-path, with various types of terrain, even rough. There may be small crossings of watercourses. There may be snow or mud to make an itinerary less easy. Some sections may also be exposed, but well protected. Length between 15 km and 20 km and/or altitude difference between 500 m and 1000 m.
  • Difficult : itinerary on paths, tracks or off-path, even challenging ones, on uneven, slippery terrain, stones, any exposed sections not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo. There may be crossings of water courses. Length greater than 20 km and/or altitude difference greater than 1000 m.
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